Signals of Spring

  Li-chun of the morning, the weather was hazy, but also drizzling, they are racing against time to run down, as if chasing something.


  Pedestrians on the road and the rain is also trouble the awkward, angry and said: "This is what the devil the weather, the next few days is also not seen sunny, depriving us every day umbrella."


  The mountain flowers are Zhangdalezui Pakistan, said happily: "it's sweet drops ah! We have today is really a great palate of."


  A small river fish and shrimp have also clamored, drilled a water surface, said excitedly: "a lot of water, ah! How cool ah!"


  Bamboo shoots can not help but stay on the ground floor, and secretly ran out of the ground, enjoying the warm rain, thus elatedly said: "Good warm living water, I use it a bath."


  Peach also received the signal of spring, the blooming of the red smiley face, as if to say: "The annual spring banquet went, and I have to prepare new clothes."


  Willow is very glad to sort out with it that thin hair, dancing in midair, as if to say: "I can, and old friends to meet the."


  Swallows have heard the news quickly came from the north, but also put on a brand new tuxedo, like a messenger of spring.


  Falling rain kept underground with, Huanlai a lot of old friends ... ...