A 200-word essay is worth a loved ones

  "As long as everyone sacrificed a little love, the world will become a beautiful human ... ..." Love is everywhere, love themselves, but also to care for others.


  ZHOU Hong 1 and Li grandmother are neighbors, Li grandmother this year is already more than 80 years old son to work in the city, his daughter marrying men from Hainan, and his wife had died, and only one person Lee grandmother to live alone. Grandma Lee is a Hmong people, every day wearing a simple Miao clothes, legs and feet due to the inconvenience pestle with crutches, can not do heavy housework, so she has been the focus of a red week targeted.


  On that day, Zhou Hong and excitedly ran down the stairs, Qiaokai Men saw my grandmother sitting on the sofa Lee will play the sound greeted affectionately as "Granny Good!." She looked into the bedroom, opened a quilt, sheets have been found in dirty, bedside table was also dirty clothes piled 23. Zhou Hong apart from anything else, pick up the sheets and clothes, went to the toilet went. Zhou Hong brought laundry basin, collapsed Banpen warm water, add 1 tablespoon detergent powder, knead a few times, and she also found clothing board carefully rub rub together while washing her grandmother while and Lee chat with the grandmother amused happily laughed. Soon, linen clothes to wash, and Zhou Hong and beat two basins of water, the linen clothes, clear clean, wring dry dry up. Then they ran back weeks red room, take a broom to sweep the month to Zai Zai thin times, and then mop, straining to the way they have been delayed clean.


  Looked at ZHOU Hong busy for a long time, Lee grandmother held her tears in their eyes red, frozen hands, painfully pulled her into the arms loudly said: "red, though you are not my relatives, but better than my relatives, Thank you! "