I look forward to the green channel

  Television aunts and uncles and Gentlemen:

  How are you!

  I am a primary school students love to watch TV. Can really attract my attention to children's programs is not that great. I do not want to see those we have now do not understand the "romance," drama, "Life" films, but also do not want to see those "Homicide," "bloody" type of program. One day after the end of a busy school life, we are very tired physically and mentally, and then, if there is any good channels will enable us to completely relax, then it is the best economical. Therefore, I desire to have my favorite green channel.

  The channel program is timely. In addition to the weekend, the best to start from 7:30 pm each day, to end at 8:30. Because this time we just done the homework, is nine o'clock, a gap before going to sleep. The channel's programming is entertainment. You can put some lively animation, can come to a beautiful song and dance, but also can be a wonderful acrobatics ... ... because laughter can be to forget all the troubles will be a day of exertion suddenly dissipated, people feel fresh and cool Let us in the joy and excitement among the!

  The channel's programming is educational and. The broadcasts should be the dissemination of knowledge, but in this learning process, I do not think it is better access to knowledge, there is no joy of life, but dreams are in the game, or experiment to find the answer! As a result, easy to learn and can quickly understand what it means, do not double benefit? The broadcasts should be innovative ability. Can be said that the story of a number of inventions, you can introduce some small inventions, small-production processes and methods to inspire us with the invention of the potential intellect, induced by the momentum we have created. Because I had seen on television shows like, but want to see but can not find the time at which the channel.

  The channel program is interactive. If the conditions allow, you can set up a hotline so that we participate in some programs to go, will allow us to never tired of. This is what I want the green channel. Television aunts and uncles, hoping that my proposal can get your attention, let my dream come true!

  Aunts and uncles who wish Happy National Day!