Thanksgiving teacher

  Thanksgiving is an eternal topic of today's society. Thanksgiving can give people a warm feeling that he will feel at ease. Thanksgiving is not the person must be a cold-blooded. Thanksgiving, there are many objects, which can be their own parents, or give you help people, we all should be grateful, but I have to grateful people are my teacher.


  From the hours of children to youth, we have contacts with the teachers the longest and most profound. I remember a child, because poor families, the parents have to work outside the home, so they sent me over to a grandmother. A dazzling went to the school age, I was Grandma pair of "ruthless" hand was sent to kindergarten, is that you accepted me, he gets your hand into my little hands on campus; when I first bullied by classmates, and you to comfort me, and students who criticized; when I made a mistake, you will not polite to criticize me, tell me too much trouble, let me understand my reasoning wrong ... ... a teacher, you is a philanthropist when our hearts feel helpless, unfamiliar, you will come to accept us, let our hearts be warmed; teacher, you are angels, when we hurt, you will come to care of us, let us double the spirit, courage full; Teacher, you're butter, perspicacious judge, when we make a mistake, you will not polite to criticize us so that we understand the importance of things and know repentance.


  The teacher is that you let us know this world of beauty and ugliness of good and evil, let us understand the reasons one by one, let our knowledge become increasingly diverse and ... ... In short, the teacher brought us endless benefits. Such a teacher, should we not do Thanksgiving?


  Teacher's career is sacred, but also very hard, we would like to sincerely say "The teacher you worked hard!"