Naruto Naruto is mainly talk about the growth story of the hero. The lonely child, he gave him the determination to become a Huoying, I have always been there, then say so, this is my forbearance Road! To become stronger to protect the most important person! Sometimes more than anyone else to be an idiot, sometimes more than anyone else to be naive, there is a time when more than anyone else to be brave, more than anyone else to be strong. Always tireless bright red light!

  Him? An early age by his father, the fourth generation of the nine Yaohu seal the evil, he was cold-shouldered away from the people in the village, isolated and helpless, his confidence is to become the fifth generation Huoying. He is the end of their school crane, but after he became the next forbearance and inherited Uchi home team a perfect wave of young blood Sasuke, there are lovely with beautiful Sakura. Because Sasuke to take revenge, to kill his brother, so he very strong. Kaka Xi Ming and his teacher to follow along with self-cultivation, they have become strong together, have learned much about Ninjutsu also make a lot of friends, many people identify with his presence, his dream step by step closer to a. These friends of his, there was trained in surgery of the body consummate Xiao Li, Naruto called him watermelon rind, because he dressed like a watermelon rind. Have the same encounter with Naruto, like I love Lo, and his body seal with a defensive crane, but he has no friends, he admired Naruto, when someone I love Romania have been killed, the Naruto people are very angry, but he powerless, because no one is that these people opponent. Yi Luka teacher was saying that he was the first to agree that there is Naruto who, without him, Naruto would I love to death and the wrong hands, like Romania. Talk about Kaka Xi teacher, Kaka Xi is one of my favorite people, he is a team of teachers that Naruto, but Sasuke has been taken away bad guys, but Kaka Xi Ming and Sakura's teacher, but through the Ming Sakura and the results of self-cultivation, Kaka Xi-Ming and Sakura become a comrade on the mission, in the herein Naruto has become more powerful, I hope Naruto later in the day to achieve their dream, good work!