I am familiar with a person

  In my neighborhood there is a farmers market selling vegetables in the grandmother's face is covered with a yellow Road, wrinkles, one can tell that she was a farmer. I often visit her there to buy food, so she was familiar with.


  One day, my mother is very busy, so Baituo I help her buy food. I came to the farm produce market is still looking for that I am most familiar with selling vegetables at home where, when, who grandma for the hospitality I am happy to say: "little sister, again to help his mother to buy food is not to pull some tomatoes ? "finished, then action, picked a big, fresh, I am curious to say:" Granny, how do you know what I want is tomatoes, then ?"""" That, of course, you know, but our old customers, and I certainly pull clear. "


  I took my grandmother to pick tomatoes, happily pull to go home.


  When I put tomatoes to the mother when the wallet was found not seen a sudden pull, I am very worried, immediately retrace their steps to find, just one out, we can see that old lady came running breathless to the North Korea side, said: "The little sister, do you Here in my wallet pulled to the side to see you go about it immediately to recover over. quickly removed it, otherwise, what should your mother angry la! "" said, took the purse back to me. I wiped the a face with tears, looked at her simple and honest face, I do not know what to say. old lady waved at me an said: "Children, go home, lest my mother worried. "


  I waved goodbye to the old lady, thinking: This is how a good person Yeah, she brought were sincere, kind-hearted. Her spirit and character are deeply remain in my memory ... ...