What Is Success?(什么是成功)



  要成为成功者,首先,你必须有毅力,又勤奋。正如你所知道的,不管你做什么事,总有两种可能的结果:成功或失败。当你失败时,你不应丧失信心。相反,你应该增强信心,并加倍努力。你应始终牢记,毅力是成功之母,勤奋则是成功的关键。此外,你应注意工作方法。你应不断总结经验。提高工作效率。最后你应该和你的同事搞好协作,互相帮助,互相关心。如果你遵循这些原则,你将来一定能取得成功。 英语作文





  What is success? Different people hold views on This question. Some think that one is successful if he can make a great deal of money. Others argue that success means holding an important government post. Still others believe that whoever has got high academic title is successful. It is clear that there are quite different opinions on success.


  In order to become successful, you should first of all be both perseverant and hardworking. As you know, whatever you do, there are always two possible results: success and failure. When you fail, you should never lose heart. On the contrary, you must build up your confidence and work even harder. You should always keep in mind that perseverance is the mother of success and industry is the key to it. In addition, you should pay great attention to your work method. It is necessary for you to sum up your experience constantly and improve the efficiency of your work. Finally, it is important for you to get along well with your co-workers, care for each other and help each other. If you follow these principles, you will certainly achieve remarkable success in the future.


  In my opinion, success means achieving brilliant results in one's work, that is, making outstanding contributions to the development of the country and bringing happiness to the people. So my conclusion is that even if one has made great progress in what he does, I don't think there's any reason for him to be conceited.