Importance of Confidence

  一个人不管做什么事,他应该充满信心地去做。 如果他没有信心,那他取得成功的可能性就很小,尤其是当他面临困难时。这个道理似乎明白无误。然而,在现实中我们确实看到许多人,他们总是抱怨说,他们缺乏办事的能力,或者说,他们的困难大得克服不了。 对于有些人来说,这可能是对的。但是对许多其他人来说,这只能表明他们已经失去信心。


  为什么有些人即使能够办得到的事也常常感到灰心呢?我认为有两点原因。首先,这些人对自己没有一个正确的估计。 例如:..... 其次,还有一种可能,就是他们夸大了困难。他们看不到..... 他们往往......... 英语作文





  Whatever one does, one should do it with confidence. If one has no confidence, there is little possibility that one can achieve anything when faced with hardships. This truth seems to be self-evident. In reality, however, we do see a lot of people who always complain that they lack the ability to do something or that their difficulties are too great to overcome. For some, this might be true. But for many others, this only shows that they have lost heart.


  Why do some people often feel frustrated even though they are capable of doing something? I think there are two main reasons. In the first place, these people don't have a correct estimate of themselves. For example, ...... Secondly, there is another possibility that they exaggerate the difficulties. They can't see ..... They tend to ........


  In my opinion, one should build up faith in oneself as long as he has a right attitude towards his own abilities. We should neither underestimate nor overestimate our abilities. As a proverb says, "Where there is a will, there is a way." With confidence we can certainly cope with any task we are faced with.