My Views on the Present Educational Policy

  What I will talk about here may be radical to many and arouse criticism. I still think things definitely go wrong with the present educational policy. Students, whether they be small children or college boys, or even post graduates, are oriented to the passing of a disgustingly variety of tests/examinations.

  How often (virtually every night) do we see first graders bending for hours over homework, the sole purpose of which is to have high scores in exams so that they might go to better middle and high schools. When they are in high schools, things get worse. They will be still more exhausted preparing for the college entrance examination. And the toiling circle does not stop here. They will worry about further exams. Good examination results determine ones future. Under such influence everything can be sacrificed, including the students health, parents money, and most importantly, the quality of education, by which I mean genuine knowledge and skills which can not and should not be tested with exam scores.

  The outcome of such faults in the educational policy, although not intended, is that so many a student becomes sort of expert at doing exams and scores high. But they are not competent when they take up their careers. Such is the tragedy of the present education. Authorities may not admit the disturbing situation, but as an educator myself, I hold the issue self-evident. Things will have to be done to reverse the trend.