Things about Me(自我介绍)



  我现在是一名教师,我热爱我的工作。我认为,一个老师有时也能从他(她)的学生那儿学到知识。事实上,从我的教书经历,从我的学生们那里,我学到了许多许多。 当老师特别好的一点就是每天我都在学习新的东西,并因此而每天取得进步。这真是棒极了。 当然,收入并不高。然而,换个角度看,收入却是相当稳定的。我一直都在不断进步成长,在金钱方面与精神方面我都得到丰厚的回报。





  I am Andrea. Perhaps the word "average" can best describe me. I am of average height, average weight and of average complexion. I have a thin face, double-lid eyes and a pointed nose. My hair is black, short and straight. I have never worn my hair long.I look like both my mother and


  my father, but I have inherited their best parts.


  lam a teacher, and I like my job. I believe her or his students can sometimes teach a teacher. Actually I have learnt a lot from my own teaching experience and my students. One particularly good thing about being a teacher is that I am learning something new each day and thus making progress each day. This is wonderful. Of course the income is modest, but on the other hand, quite stable. I keep growing all the time. I find great rewards both monetarily and mentally.


  I have many hobbies: reading books, raising pets, making dresses, etc. I like volleyball very much, but I can't play it very often, because it is a team sport. It is difficult to get enough people to play volleyball with me. It's a shame. I derive great pleasure out of my hobbies.


  Generally speaking, I am open, honest and easy-going. I hate hypocrisy and injustice. Fairness is very important to me. I try to be fair in everything I do. I have great appreciation for physical and spiritual independence. I am a bit disorganized and impatient sometimes.


  I don't have many friends, but I do have a few. I have both male and female friends. We do sports together, go shopping together; and we exchange our views and ideas and share happiness and sadness. Of course we help each other if necessary. I always consider myself a lucky person. I am lucky in my family, I am lucky in my career, I am lucky in my friendship, I am lucky in many things. In one word, I am lucky in life. I am really grateful for all these.