Adversity Often Leads to Prosperity

  It is an autumn night, chill, quiet and clear. Silver moonlight is pouring through the window, down to the dusty floor on which scatters pages of music scores. He is standing there since last beautiful sunset, stubbornly searching for any trace of sound but he couldn't. His long gray shadow is sleeping on the floor, lingering with him all through the night the shadow of agiant Ludwig Van Beethoven.

  He's filled with indignation for all the adversity he suffered. He suffered, ever since he was a little child, for his brutal father never treated him as a son. He was beaten, scolded, in sulted, forced to practice piano playing all the time. And then,he went on suffering the desperate pain brought by his lover who abandoned him. Now he is still suffering, and on the brink of a breakdown, because he lost the utmost important thing for him to be a musician, a composer, and a pianist his hearing. His ears began betraying him since he was 26 years old, and in the end they became complete traitors.

  But what names Beethoven is his will. It is his strong will power which pushed him to this glorious aim. It never reads surrender, and grasps his own destiny in his own hands through fighting. For him, music is not only organizing variety subjects and melodies, but also a kind of language to express his deepest thoughts. Every piece of his music scores resounds with the sentiments of his life. He is still writing, to show his unmatched talent; he is still playing, to scorn all the tragedy he has encountered; he is still composing, to prove that he is the winner for life and cannot be thrown down. All the symposiums of his prove it. All his admirers prove it.

  Actually life is just like a spring, the heavier you push it,the higher it will jump. Frustration always lies along the way leading to success. I don't want to lose my way, so I tell myself to be (like) an oyster all the time. To live healthily and comfortably, evading any difficulties, or to live struggling, suffering in the exertion to realize your dreams, which one would you choose? The second one is my choice, because finally I will get the most beautiful pearl in the world, someday, somewhere.

  Life is so complex, for it is always a mixture of sadness and happiness. You can never separate them. When you are searching for all the beautiful things, you must also face up to the pain and the trauma and the difficulties which sometimes may knock you down and make you loose your faith and hope. But that is life the pain and the beauty, the good and the bad. When there is adversity, being strong becomes a must for us to overcome it.

  Adversity often leads to suffering, pain, desperation, distress.., and then anger, indignation, agitation, wrath.., and then encouragement, struggling, devotion, resistance.., and then progress, advance, hope, light or more pain, but in the end, there is always success and prosperity. I believe it.