Technology and Culture

  When my father was young, he practiced Chinese calligraphy every day and enjoyed Peking Opera with my grandfather on weekends. Now as his daughter, I type in English when communicating with my friends and enjoy surfing on the Internet during holidays. When I enjoy the pleasure and convenience that new technologies have brought me, some people cry out that as technology develops traditional cultures must be lost. Is it true that we cannot have both? Different as my lifestyle is from that of my father, I still believe that the development of technology won't lead to the loss of tradition. On the contrary, it will facilitate the development of traditional cultures.


  Some people draw the conclusion that technology leads to the loss of tradition because they find nowadays many people,especially the young, take interest in new things like the Internet, thus make less contact with traditional cultures. However,decreased popularity isn't equal to loss. With the development of technology, we have more choices of arts and entertainments. In other words, many new forms of culture are coming into existence, which provide people with more choices rather than threaten the existence of the traditional ones. In actuality, if we look at the tradition itself, we can find that great achievements have been made in many fields with the development of technology.New operas are on show; new researches about history are going on; new facts about historical cities have been found; all of which can prove that technology can stay peacefully with traditions.


  In fact, technology works far beyond that. The development of technology boosts that of the tradition. On one hand,new technologies make the research for traditional cultures possible as well as provide advanced techniques of reserving historic masterpieces. Take calligraphy as an example, new ways of illumination, which is the fruit of Hi-tech, can prevent the color of scripts from fading. On the other hand, the rapidly developing media such as the Internet and communication satellite provide traditional cultures with a stage to face the whole world. As we can see, after the short piece of ad of Shanghai Expo. , more people will know the beautiful melody of "Jasmine."


  In addition, if we look back to history, we can find out that it was always in the era when economy developed greatly that cultures prospered the most. No doubt that the development of technology can guarantee that of economy, which eventually influences the prosperity of culture.


  As we all see, the development of technology brings us richness, making the research and development of cultures affordable brings us more leisure time, making our desire to enjoy ntertainments possible. After all, as the great philosopher Marx aid, "economy determines everything," whose adaptation in the era of technology can be described as "technology determines everything."


  Culture is something that develops with the times, whether it's traditional or not. I am quite sure that what I am doing now adays will seem out of date in the eye of my child. However, traditional cultures won't be lost because of technology. It may be changed a little, may become less popular, but will surely be better with the help of new technologies.