What Does Technology Do to Traditio

  "Technology or tradition", a sc-called contradiction, didn't become a popular topic until recently. When the tradition of "men plow and women weave" is broken up by the influx of advanced agricultural tools, skyscrapers stand firm where there used to be the homes of intimate neighbors, and handwork is replaced by machines, people can't help wondering, "What's wrong with us?" Apprehensions abound among scholars. Is it true that too much of our attention and energy have been diverted to the technology and the traditional culture will reduce to a desolation?

  "Technology or tradition" is a question causing increasingted to the technology and the traditional culture will reduce to a desolation?

  "Technology or tradition" is a question causing increasing controversy nowadays, but in my opinion, it is not a choice that we can make. It's true that technology will affect our traditionalculture but the former can and should never undermine the lat

  With a history of thousands of years, traditional culture is not so fragile as we thought it might be. It is rooted in our minds, influencing our every deed. We are strictly governed by the tradition passing from generation to generation. Technology from which we benefit much in our daily life gives us conveniences and may change our lifestyle in some parts as well. Thus some tradition may be affected. Farmers lose their opportunity of plowing and, with the appearance of grain drill, their sowing skills are no longer needed.., but we should be cautious that technology also plays the role of selector here, singling the long lasting vital values while eliminating the others which account for only a small percentage. Permanent spirits such as "teamwork"and "love for others" still stand firm in all societies and hold its dominance. Moreover, tradition doesn't always stay unchanged.Its development is somewhat a process of evolution. So why should our technological world be thought of as a threat rather than a system of selection in harmony with the human evolution?

  In addition, what technology brings to our traditional world are changes, the gradual changes, rather than radical revolution that gives rise to chaos and panics. With new technology emerging, we're allowed to have enough time to look back and guard against its invasion into the core of our traditional culture to strive for a balance.

  Looked at from another angle, new technological development also contributes to the enrichment and perfection of our traditional culture. It adds new contents to our culture and opens a new vista for it. The modern communications technology prorides more opportunities of cultural exchanges. And the combination of technology and human culture has become an irreversible trend. Do you remember the advertisement, "Technology is determined by men. "That's a perfect example.

  In conclusion, while changing traditional cultures slightly,technology benefits it as well. They can be balanced if handled properly.